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How to receive maximum

ROI for your hosted PBX investment?

How to receive maximum ROI for your hosted PBX investment?

Posted on July 6, 2017

Telecommunications has brought a complete transformation in the way we communicate on a personal and professional way. Moreover, with the industry growing to the next level, cloud based services seems to be all the rage these days and have made life even more virtual and easier. There is no doubt that cloud based solution delivers numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes but what about the benefits of cloud based telephony? Have you moved from analog system to digitization?

Most large-scale organizations have migrated to a PBX system but still juggles between whether to keep on-premise PBX or switch to a hosted VOIP solution. This is an important decision for companies, considering the amount of time spent communicating with staff and clients and the ROI from the same. For a few organizations, this decision will stem from a fundamental philosophy of the business – outsourcing all functions that are not unswervingly connected to the core business.

Changing phone systems for an entire company can seem overwhelming. Evaluation plays a very crucial role before shifting to a new system and here are ways to ensure you make the right decision.

Parameters to be considered On Premise PBX Hosted PBX
Total Cost of Ownership Initial infrastructure, start-up costs and hardware investment exists Lower set up cost
Maintenance cost exists No maintenance costs, only the service fees pertain
Scale for expansion Requires more hardware resulting in more CapEx Can be easily scaled up to the defined capacity
Control Complete control with in-house IT team, requires more team for management A GUI based portal can help to control the system, needs less IT work-force
Implementation Needs more time to be physically installed Cheaper, quicker and easier
Productivity Employees will be available in the fixed office hours Virtual availability of employees leads to increase in productivity
Customizing features and upgrades It’s a DIY task. You will do it as and when you need it The control being in hands of your service provider the upgrades will be done for all its users which may take time
Mobility Users can connect seamlessly from anywhere with the team Needs additional VPN applications

When considering switching to a hosted PBX from an on-premise PBX solution, the above benefits may sway you into making a quicker decision than you normally would. However, some hosted solution providers restrict a business’ ability to fully manage their system while others generate vendor lock-in by imposing businesses to converge their hosted telephony platform with their VOIP provider, which can affect the overall solution’s cost effectiveness.

Moreover, when it comes to getting the maximum ROI from your VoIP technology, each business case is different. Telehop Business Services offers an affordable, enterprise grade and reliable VOIP solution for businesses of any size. The above parameters can help you get the most from your investment, regardless of your industry. To know more about Telehop Hosted PBX solution. Click here »