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Accession Meeting Webinar

Change the way you conduct your webinars web conferencing and collaboration

Webinars are taking the digital marketing ecosphere to a complete new level. Commonly known as web based audio & video conferencing, webinars enable an individual hosting the webinar to connect to an audience across the world, in real-time with a multi-cast setup.

Today, webinar is considered as one of the key marketing tools which helps to strategize business and gets your service information out there in the form of communication with your customers. It helps to establish thought leadership, promote brands, capture new leads, nurture existing customers thus helping to generate revenues. Nowadays, it is the most commonly used tool to broadcast board meetings on short notice which also leads to some lower overhead costs. By hosting your own webinar, it enables you to present your own ideas to a greater audience, discuss with them and the people in your panel, generating credibility and establishing great marketing awareness thus increasing customer awareness.

Accession Meeting Webinar is the next-generation user-friendly hosted webinar tool, a part of the unified communication and collaboration solution. Accession Meeting Webinars are very similar to normal Accession Meetings but offer many more additional features and scalability. Accession Meeting Webinar allows business group users with the Accession Meeting webinar license to set up and host a webinar for a larger group of audience than supported by Accession Meeting.


  • Telehop is one amongst the very first providers to offer Accession Meeting and Accession Meeting Webinar tool licenses across Canada.
  • We take the pride in announcing that Telehop recently became the 1st provider to host a webinar over the Accession Meeting Webinar Tool.


With Accession Meeting Webinar you have:

  • Support for higher attendees’ limit. Subscriber can create Accession Meeting Webinars for up to 100, 500, 1000, 3000, 5,000 or 10,000
  • attendees, with up to 50 panelists able to share video (depending on the type of the license they have)
  • Accession Meeting Webinar hosts can conduct in-meeting polls and Q&A / chat sessions
  • Offers view-only audience limit where attendees are in view-only mode
  • Provide an optional registration procedure, track attendance
  • Accession Meeting Webinars can be branded. Subscribers creating a webinar have the option to upload a banner and logo that is used on invitation screens and on emails sent out to participants.
  • The Accession Meeting Webinar host can use the Report tab on the Webinar UI to generate a range of reports in .csv format
  • Sample Reporting includes:
    • The number of registrations or attendees for a particular webinar
    • The performance of the webinar (for example audio quality)
    • The results of any Q&As or polls conducted during the webinar

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