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Accession Meeting: Enterprise Unified Communications and Collaboration

Improve productivity with industry-leading video conferencing and collaboration.

Accession Create a Meeting Accession Create a Meeting Accession Create a Meeting Accession Create a Meeting

With today’s distributed work forces and dispersed customer bases, unified communications and collaboration tools are on the rise in small, medium and large businesses. With 80 percent of company meetings now including remote participants, organizations are increasingly relying on video conferencing and collaboration tools to increase operational efficiencies and improve individual productivity.

Accession Meeting, the award-winning cloud-based collaboration solution, offers an approach to unified communications and collaboration that leverages the cloud to give network operators a competitive edge in this hotly contested and expanding market. Accession Meeting enables business users to initiate video conferences, collaborate on documents or conduct webinars without the need to deploy additional enterprise or operator-based infrastructure.

With Accession Meeting you have:

  • New large-scale ‘webinar’ options
  • Up to 200 attendees per meeting
  • New, low-cost, Room System options
  • Extend the reach of legacy systems
  • Instant Messaging and Presence
  • Call Control and centralized contacts
  • The power to enhance teamwork
  • A scalable and affordable solution that meets a variety of needs
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