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Connecting Your

Startup Office

Connecting Your Startup Office

Posted on January 30, 2017

It is exciting to establish your own businesses and many startups possess a unique vitality. Everyone is there because a creative idea has led to genuine possibilities for the creation and marketing of a new product or service that could prove revolutionary.

There is a lot to consider with a startup office, including staff, schedules, computer infrastructure, tables, chairs, and ergonomics. Equally important is communication. While there are effective instant message services that allow staff to stay in constant touch, your company may do much of its business with individuals or firms across the country or even the globe. That can lead to considerable expense without the right package.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a very effective way to both consolidate your communication system and rein in costs. Most every business agrees on the benefits of VoIP, but what about finding the provider that is right for your own unique needs?

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Hosted PBX and Could-Based System

Traditional PBX systems require a substantial up-front investment, something that makes them impractical for most startups. Going with a hosted PBX means the company receives all of the phone services it requires while the money saved is available for other projects. You can also receive additional features, such as web portal, that a traditional phone service cannot offer.d

Reliable and Easy to Use

Communication outages waste time and cost money. You need a network with a track record of reliability that your staff can easily utilize. Whether making a call to a potential client thousands of miles away or reporting to a project leader across town, your workers need a system they can depend on to be operational and fulfill their needs.


Everyone hopes their startup business will meet its goals and continue to grow the product line. That usually means additional employees and even additional facilities. Your VoIP package should reflect your current needs, but also allow for expansion. There is no way in today’s business market to offer blanket guarantees about your growth; you need a communication partner that is flexible and permits you to increase the scale of your services as needed.

Companies with employees frequently working offsite or from home also want a package that provides the same features remotely and affords each person their own extension.

Telehop Business Services offers all of these services to our clients and that makes us the partner best able to satisfy a startup company’s distinctive communication requirements. In addition to our competitive pricing, the above solutions come with a simple interface allowing you to manage communications from anywhere. Gone are the days when long distance calls had to be timed and offered inconsistent quality. Now speak for as long as you want, in excellent digital quality, on calls routed from anywhere in the world to a local number.

Telehop makes convenience and savings its priorities. There is a lot to think about with a startup, not the least of which is communication. Let Telehop handle that job, so you can make establishing and growing the business your number one focus.