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One-stop solution to enterprise communication challenges – Cloud based unified communication

Posted on October 26, 2017

Check out @Telehop Business Services President & CEO Mr. Rajiv Jagota's exclusive #article on how to solve #enterprisecommunication challenges with #unifiedcommunication and #collaboration in this era of #digitalization and #transformation.

The dynamics of communication are rapidly changing and becoming far more diverse across enterprises. The days where employees have only a fixed-line desk phone at work are long gone. Today, enterprises have employees who work remotely with flexible work arrangements or who are always mobile. Enterprise mobility opens the door for multitudes of unsecured devices accessing business ecosystems creating the demand to have feature rich, more powerful communication tools.

Desk and mobile phones, e-mail and voicemail, conferencing and video conferencing, text, chat, IM, VoIP etc.— are powerful business tools used across enterprises for communication. Though these applications provide ease at work, they also bring along a baggage of complexities, the most critical being enabling smooth and secure communication and collaboration amongst the workforce. Businesses that can overcome these complexities will gain a colossal competitive lead over competition.

Briefly, unified communications and collaboration is an integrated suite of applications and services designed to fulfill the communication needs of small, medium and large businesses by connecting key communication channels in one secure and easy-to-use system. At Telehop Business Services, we offer a complete portfolio and solution for hosted unified communication and collaboration.

With unified communications, an enterprise can efficiently and securely extend its workplace beyond cubicles, offices, and conference rooms to warehouses, hotel rooms, airports, homes, campuses, and anywhere else employees might be working from. In addition, unified communications enable improved collaboration and streamline business processes while they boost productivity and help improve fiscal performance.

We regularly have discussions with our customers and we always come across few of the most common challenges which enterprises face. I would like to elaborate few of those and discuss how unified communications and collaboration can solve the biggest challenges in enterprise communication:

1. Keeping track of access to multiple devices and applications in a business environment setup
With the rise in the smart devices the level of communication has also enhanced like never before. Be it, desk phones, mobile phones, softphones, IM apps, web apps, and even voicemails our communication is split wide across. With this, it becomes really difficult to remember multiple accounts, its passwords and the biggest headache is recovering the forgotten credentials which hampers work productivity.

Telehop Business services Unified communications and collaboration provides access to all the communication channels you need in one place be it phone calls, IM, chat, sharing files for work collaboration or voice - video conferencing or even webinars with its Accession Communicator and Accession meeting and Accession webinar. This delivers a simple communication function they need without getting tied up in remembering tons of logins and passwords.

2. Security issues a major concern for IT departments especially with BYOD in place
Having multiple devices and keeping them continually secured entails dreary system setup, accounts provisioned, and providing training for usage of every new application. Sensitive and confidential enterprise information comes at risk whenever any teams transfer, upload and download data via new communication apps that are not reviewed by IT team.

Telehop gives prime importance to security measures and our best-in-class solution for Unified communications and collaboration can help your IT department control and manage, create user accounts from one central location. The GUI being user friendly, employees can be easily trained for the same. Most importantly, your IT department can have equanimity and need not fear about employees communicating and sharing data on unsecured channels.

3. Conference Calls, meetings and webinars – its issues with the platforms used
Conference calls are the key to communications within any organization. The old technique of conference calls, where multiple parties try to dial into a conference bridge number and attempt to carry on discussions & meetings on conferences, interrupted by various ambiguities, disconnections, lagging voices, bad voice quality etc. are the worst nightmare. We all deserve better.

Our Unified communications and collaboration solution helps with planning, scheduling and conducting the conference calls and meetings seamlessly with accession meeting for as many participants as possible. With this tool, employees can do so much more than conference calls and meetings and all ambiguities are gone and employees can easily initiate video conferences, collaborate on documents or conduct webinars with its Accession Webinar without the need to deploy additional enterprise or operator-based infrastructure. It can even help with desktop sharing, presenter controls , recording of the conference session and much more.

4. Improper work – life balance with work communications on personal devices, anywhere anytime
For all organizations, there are certain departments whose work is critical requiring them to be available all the time. For employees who receive work related calls and messages on their personal devices 24/7, it can be hard to switch off. The divide between work time and personal time gets pretty blurry, leading to increased stress and fatigue.

Telehop Unified communications and collaboration solution give employees the tools they need to keep their work life and personal life distinct. By making usage of granular and custom call control synced across all connected devices, employees can make sure they only receive work calls and messages during their working hours on duty, and not disturbed in their personal time.

The adoption rate of cloud-based UC still leaves a lot of room for growth, with clear market requirement and demand for these services. We at Telehop Business Services are one of the fastest growing unified communications providers for SMB and enterprises empowering enterprise business agility, improves business efficiency and effectiveness thus improving customer experience... To know more about Telehop Hosted Unified communication and collaboration solution. Click here »