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Telehop Is Linked To The Internet

Posted on July 15, 2016

There is an old cliche that says " you can't know where you are going until you know where you have been".

Telehop was established in 1993 and is closing in on 25 years in business.

As we look forward to another 25 years of delivering Internet based solutions, we reflect on how far we have come.

In 1993, the Internet was a novelty. It was a concept few grasped and most were confused about.

In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee, working on a computer built by NeXT (the company Steve Jobs launched after he was pushed out of Apple), developed the first Web browser software called "WorldWideWeb".

In 1993, the World Wide Web, as it was called at the time, became publicly available and FREE for everyone to use, with no fees payable. There were approximately 3 million computers connected around the world. Forecasters say that by 2020 there would be 22 billion Internet connected devices.

In 1993, there were slightly over 14 million people using the Internet and 130 websites. Today over 40% of the world’s population have an Internet connection that’s more than 3 billion people and the number of websites in the World reached 1 billion in September 2014.

There were a number of browser applications developed during the first 2 years of the Web, only Mosaic had the most impact. Mosaic inspired the first commercial browser, Netscape Navigator and its technology formed the basis of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

The growth of easy-to-use Web browsers coincided with the growth of the commercial ISP business, with companies like CompuServe bringing increasing numbers of people from outside the scientific community on to the Web.

That was the start of the Web as we know it today.

Google, Yahoo, and MSN soon followed.

The Internet, as it is now called, has become a part of our everyday lives – something we access at home, on the move, on our smartphones and on TV. It has changed the way we communicate and has been a key factor in the transformation of the global economy and societies around the world.

So, where does the Internet go from here? Where will it be in 25 more years?

Today some people believe that the Internet should be a "human right". What do you think?

Looking back, it is clear to see that Telehop's past, present and future is linked to the Internet. As it grows and changes, so will we.

Telehop was established at the dawn of the Internet. We plan to be here until dusk.