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Effective Phone Sales

Tips for Effective Phone Sales

Posted on February 2, 2017

We have all gotten the call: someone bothering us at an awkward time, mechanically reading a sales script with no personality or appeal. It is downright annoying and after hanging up the phone, you wonder why a company concerned with selling their product would even hire such an individual.

As with all aspects of sales, there is an art to winning someone over when speaking on the phone. The exchange lacks the personal contact that an in-person pitch provides, but there is still no reason you cannot be persuasive and professional.

Here are some tips on how to help your staff deliver effective phone sales:

Neutralizes Architecture Undermining Your Coverage

Has your phone ever stopped working for you when you encounter concrete walls, steel beams, and the like? The good news is Samsung has a solution for this through their Self-organizing networks and Intelligent Beam Selectable Antenna. Together, these technologies neutralize the interfering features of surrounding architecture and ensure your connection remains strong. Self-organizing networks will optimize your configurations and coverage automatically to meet your location’s requirements and layout. This is great for reducing the time and cost related to designing a WLAN.

The Intelligent Beam Selectable Antenna, on the other hand, uses a total of 15 antennas in each access point to minimize the number (and size) of potential dead zones. This extends your service coverage and reaches a receiving sensitivity that is 2 decibels higher than the competition.

Refine What You Say

Your phone script needs to convey all of the necessary information and do it in fairly quick fashion, in case the caller loses interest and hangs up. The best way is to provide a simple hook that encourages them to ask questions and continue listening. Once you have a customer engaged, they will usually stay with you through the later steps to the final pitch.

Learn Your Lines

As mentioned, there is nothing worse than listening to someone reading a screen with no inflection or enthusiasm. If you plan out your calls and know exactly what you wish to say, a sense of confidence will become apparent to the listener. Believing in what you are selling always helps to make others more receptive.

Features Built-In Security

Another feature that enhances Samsung’s WiFi solutions is the built-in security, which also increases your peace of mind. Samsung APs have a RF monitoring chip embedded in addition to the RF service chip, dedicated solely for security purposes. This provides you with continuous monitoring in real-time and lowers the cost of the customer’s total WLAN budget by reducing the need for other security equipment.

If you stumble over your words or are nervous, this is very apparent. Anxious salespeople also tend to rush through their script, which makes it more difficult for the listener to understand them and catch all of the pertinent details. Be confident, but also take the time to be courteous.

Bypass the Gatekeeper

Calling consumers is one thing: when someone answers, it is usually possible for them to get the person you want on the line. Businesses have receptionists and personal assistants that screen calls for their supervisors.

You can gradually make your way through to the target, but expect that this will likely take a few tries. Once the gatekeeper understands that this product or service is of importance to the supervisor and the company, you will reach the person you want.

Always offer to call back at another time and ask when would be best. You never know if the supervisor will actually receive any message you leave.

Block Your Caller ID

This seems like a dirty trick, but let’s face it: most companies receive many calls per day. If you are cold calling a firm, chances are you will never get through the first few tries. If you set your system so that only a name or “Private Caller” displays, the person on the other end is more likely to pick up.

Of course, the best phone sales pitch in the world won’t mean much if you don’t have an affordable, high quality communications partner. Telehop Business Services offers customers both digital clarity and business plans that allow your associates to make the volume of calls needed to meet sales targets. Our business package also seamlessly unifies communications whether staff members are in the office or on the road. Contact our sales team at 1-800-587-7436 (Toronto: 647-277-3164) and let us provide you with the technical support that will make your sales call initiative one less thing to worry about