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What is

Hosted PBX?

What is Hosted PBX?

Posted on February 2, 2017

Since so many companies require their employees to be on the go these days, alternative work arrangements are often required. Some work in the office, some are in the field, and some do both. Effective communication is more important than ever in business, so small and medium businesses can struggle to find a system that meets their financial and personnel requirements.

A telephone system can be quite expensive and beyond the means of a growing firm that must make every cent count. Fortunately, there is a way for companies to have the system they need at a cost they can afford.

A hosted PBX is telephone technology hosted by a third-party that delivers all of the advances and conveniences of an in-house system. This arrangement offers businesses a number of advantages.


Each PBX is unique in its design and capabilities in order to fully meet the needs of each company. You have the option of having an entirely new system centered on the PBX or, if your organization has an existing phone system, the PBX can also work within it.

Whether your company conducts its business using VoIP, cell phones, or landlines, a hosted PBX will coordinate, streamline, and improve your communications.

Cost Savings

By having the system hosted, your company does not have to make a substantial investment at a time when capital is needed to grow the firm in other areas. On top of this, the provider maintains the system, so employee time is available for other tasks.

Long distance calls are included, along with numerous other features designed to aid businesses and increase customer satisfaction. These can include the ability to record calls and generate reports showing when and how long calls took place.

Telehop’s hosted PBX package guarantees savings of up to 90%, comes equipped with eight SIMs, the ability to be connected in 150 countries globally, and the connection of up to ten devices.

Speed and Versatility

Conventional phone systems not only require a good amount of money upfront, they can also take some time to get going. You can have a hosted PBX up and running much faster.

Regular systems also do not offer much in the way of scalability when a company grows. If such an option does exist, it usually comes with as substantial cost. PBX systems are much easier to adapt to a company’s ongoing requirements. Telehop Web Portal makes it a snap to add users or perform other changes.

A hosted PBX also allows employees to work from anywhere, while also having their own extension. If a company has multiple locations, they still only require a single PBX system.

Employee Satisfaction

If you have ever worked in a company with a complicated phone system, you no doubt remember how frustrating and time-consuming it could be. A hosted PBX is far easier to master. In the unlikely event that problems do occur, they are the responsibility of the hosting company.

Telehop Business Services offers affordable enterprise-grade and reliable VoIP solutions for businesses of any size. Contact us today and learn how you can switch to a fully scalable hosted phone system without an upfront capital purchase.