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Ethernet Business Internet

Secure and ultra-fast data access that will move your business at the speed of light.

Ethernet Fiber Business Internet

From a 10Mbps to a Gigabit connection, there will never be a blip in latency or performance. Once you blast off, we'll make sure you never slow down.

Fibre/LAN extensions are recommended for businesses that need absolute uninterrupted connectivity and guaranteed minimal downtime.

Benefits to Ethernet Fibre

Fast Fiber Internet

Dedicated high-speed access.

The symmetrical nature of the connection gives you unparalleled bandwidth to handle any volume of traffic at any time of day so you can access data as fast as your business demands.

Scalable Fiber Internet

Scalable connection speed.

Select a burstable or dedicated connection depending on your needs.

Secure Fiber Internet

Maximum protection and redundancy.

Not only are fibre speeds the fastest that you can obtain on the planet, but every fibre connection comes with a 4-hour mean time to repair (MTTR) service level agreement.

Business communications on the cloud

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Ethernet over Cable (EoC)

We recommend EoC as a business-class alternative to standard cable connections as it carries up to 50Mbps bandwidth. Ethernet over Cable is geared for businesses that need affordable services and occasional bursts in bandwidth requirements, such as VoIP communications or media applications.

Regardless of speed, EoC offers a flexible backbone that allows for Quality of Service (QoS) data prioritization. For example, enable the connection to prioritize your voice communications over all other traffic to ensure crystal clear call quality at all times, even if your employees are streaming sports highlights. As well, implementing an EoC-based solution is a simple, uncomplicated process - it is much easier to assess site qualification for EoC than traditional cable connections.

EoC broadband available speeds:


2Mbps x 2Mbps

Faster, more affordable option than legacy T1 lines.


10Mbps x 2Mbps

Higher downstream speeds for multiple network users and increased content consumption.


50Mbps x 2Mbps

Significantly more downstream bandwidth for applications such as media streaming or content-heavy business applications.


10Mbps x 10Mbps

Greater symmetrical bandwidth to support multiple applications simultaneously such as VoIP communications and data delivery.

Additional Services

Voice Prioritization


Provides routing and prioritization of VOIP traffic to ensure this business-critical service operates as effectively as possible.

QOS (Quality of Service)


Define priorities for multiple types of traffic using a hierarchal format of up to 5 levels/priorities.

Bandwidth Reservation


Segregate bandwidth increments for specific types of traffic such as Voice or Video Conferencing.



Using industry standard IPSec protocol, Encryption ensures network traffic is secure and originates from a trusted source.

*These services may require a more robust router.

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