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Hosted PBX. VoIP Business phone system in the cloud

In this era of digital transformation, Hosted PBX solutions from Telehop offers access to next-generation enterprise communications for businesses of any size. Beyond traditional telephony with an on-premise PBX, hosted VoIP opens up new opportunities that helps to improve productivity, enhance collaboration, increase mobility and reduce costs.

Hosted PBX Solutions by Industry Verticals

Every Industry today, needs their business communication to be faster and reliable. Beyond traditional telephony with an on-premise PBX, hosted VoIP opens up new opportunities that helps every business vertical or industry that helps to improve productivity, enhance collaboration, increase mobility and reduce costs. Telehop Business Services offers cloud based unified communication Hosted PBX solutions to support every business vertical and every industry with a personalized fit.

Financial Institutions
Logistics and Transportation
Government and Non-Profit
Legal and Accounting
Public Sector and Utilities
IT and Telecom
Travel and Hospitality
Retail and E-commerce
Real Estate and Construction
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Advanced communication features

Auto attendant
Hunt Group Calling
Find me, follow me
Mobile Integration
Online Portal
Auto attendant. Greet callers with messages and menus that direct them to the desired contact. It provides credibility and makes your business appear professional by routing calls more efficiently, and it replaces the need for a receptionist.
Hunt Group Calling. Phone calls are distributed from a single number to a group of several phone lines.
Find me, follow me. Callers can reach you on an alternate phone if you are away from your office phone.
Conferencing. Enables you to have multi-parties participate in a call.
Voicemail. Allows callers to leave a voice mail for you when you are not able to answer the phone.
Extension Dialing. This feature lets you to access another user's extension directly, without going through an attendant.
Mobile Integration. When combined with a virtual softphone, your Hosted Phone System transforms into a feature-rich, web-based phone, that can be used from a desktop, laptop or any mobile device.
Online Portal. With the Hosted Phone System online portal, administrators can manage their Hosted Phone System without the need to call another party to make configuration changes, , modify settings, change reporting, etc.

Seamless communication access and global connectivity anywhere, on any device

The growing demand for mobile workforce by enterprises is driving the need for personal mobility. Moreover, with the conception of BYOD and remote connections, multi-channel and multi-device communication is increasingly used by individuals and enterprises where employees dont necessarily have to be at their desks to communicate. Everyone can be productive on-the-go.

Desk phones

With the best IP phone systems, you can access all the advanced features and services available from Hosted PBX.

Screen phones

When most of the time, employees are in front of their laptops, desktops or a Mac, with Hosted PBX, you can access full communications services on your screens without leaving your important business applications.

Softphone App

With businesses now running mobile, a softphone app gives you access to all Hosted PBX services on smart devices, helping to stay connected to business from anywhere, anytime.

Global mobility and wireless connectivity

A robust and innovative solution for global mobile roaming on-the-move offers enterprises with wireless connectivity even while on roaming and offers remote office features which guarantees savings of up to 90% for employees on the go. Read more »

One Solution with many Benefits

Cost efficient
Business continuity
Balanced TCO
User friendly
& intuitive control
Cost efficient: A hosted PBX is usually a subscription model based on number of users. Moreover, the cloud based set up eliminates the need of an in-house IT team to manage the system, which helps enterprises to save on the business budgets.
Business continuity: Hosted IP-PBX offers disaster recovery options with fully redundant servers at data centres. So, there is no impact to the continuity of business services even during power outages or emergencies and services remains up and operational all the times.
Flexibility: With the hosted model, employees can work simply from any place which has an IP connection while maintaining the same capabilities and functionalities of being at their desk which leads to enhanced productivity.
Balanced TCO: With the complete elimination of the infrastructure setup investment, this model helps enterprise to save their CapEx. Moreover, the cloud based solution helps them with simplified vendor management and help them spend less on the initial setup and system hardware.
Scalability:All businesses have unpredictability in capacity demands while the work-force grows in line with their business growth. With hosted PBX the scale of voice services for the users can be quickly expanded as per need without having to endure time-consuming installations.
User friendly management & intuitive control: An interactive web portal with user friendly GUI backed by a 24X7 support centre can help enterprises to manage the services and keep control on the usage of services. The innovative reporting functionality helps the enterprises to have a consolidated view of the services accessed and intelligently analyse the same.

Unified communication and collaboration

Telehop offers enhanced UCC solutions enabling enterprises to extend business telephony services directly to a laptop, desktop, or smart portable devices thus empowering enterprise business agility, improves business efficiency and effectiveness thus improving customer experience.

Telehop UCC offerings include Accession Communicator and Accession meeting. Read more »

Other Solution Offerings

Switch to a fully scalable and flexible hosted phone system without the up-front capital purchase.