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When should a business use SIP channels?

Businesses should consider purchasing SIP Trunks when they decide that their needs are best met with a premise-based system. This system is often referred to as an IP-PBX. Coupled with SIP Trunks, an IP-PBX serves up similar features to hosted solutions.

SIP Trunks typically save business customers money over a hosted solution since SIP channels can serve the needs of three to four employees (depending on oversubscription), while a hosted seat is needed for each employee.

SIP Channels vs. PRIs

SIP Trunks realize their primary benefit over PRIs from cost savings. SIP trunks typically cost half of what a PRI does for unlimited inbound and local calling along with lower cost long distance. Together with line oversubscription (e.g. a 30 person company purchasing just as many SIP trunks as they anticipate having concurrent calls which is typically 8 to 10), SIP Trunks are a very cost effective way for a business to save money.

Lastly, a primary benefit of SIP Trunks over PRIs is that SIP Channels can be purchased in increments of 1, whereas PRIs have to be purchased in increments of 23 channels.

SIP Trunks

What are SIP Trunks?

SIP trunks are the ideal way to leverage your existing IP PBX equipment. Removing the requirement for traditional telephone lines, SIP trunks run across a data line (DSL, Fibre, etc) and provide channels to support voice calls.

Number of SIP Channels vs. Users

Subscription rates for SIP channels should be based on number of concurrent calls. A company with 10 employees, will traditionally only have half of those employees making calls at the same time. You would then base your needs on 5 or 6 concurrent calls.

A SIP call will use approximately 100Kpbs per call, using this guideline; you could easily deploy this scenario on a standard 6Mbps x 800Kpbs connection. The upload speed should be your indicator. You should also take into account that all customers do not receive full speeds, so use caution when quoting connectivity.

Upload Speeds SIP Channels Maximum
800 Kbps 8
1 Mbps 10
7 Mbps 70
10 Mbps 100
50 Mbps 500
100 Mbps 1000

*For illustration purposes only. It is recommended that a separate data connections be purchased for data and voice functionality.

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